Trading Tools Designed To Help You Trade Better

Trading Tools Designed To Help You Trade Better

For successful online trading, it is essential to understand the basics of how the market functions and gain a good knowledge of the technical aspects involved. In order to keep updated on the latest developments related to your trades, it would be useful to take help of the right trading tools for your needs. You can be best equipped to make informed decisions in online trading with all the relevant information placed at your disposal.

Usually, two types of analysis are undertaken to find out about market behavior. One is technical analysis which involves a study of past performance of a particular stock or commodity and based on that an intelligent pattern is identified to predict market trends. Fundamental analysis is another type of market analysis which involves a study of changes in political, economic and social changes or events which can have an impact on future market movements.

Ashlar Online offers select trading tools to assist you with trading analysis and to help time your next move perfectly. In simple words, online trading is all about understanding the risks involved and being able to weigh them against the prospective gains and make an intelligent decision to buy, sell or hold your investment assets. It is a well-known fact that market can be relatively volatile in the short-term due to a large number of variables exercising their influence on the outcome of any trade. This is why one must not take any tool-based analysis as final and use personal experience and discretion while trading or seek help of a professional market advisor.

The trading tools we offer include:

Equity Brokerage Calculator:

To keep an eye on your equity investments and know if your position size is good enough, you can use this equity brokerage calculator with advantage. Estimate your profit/loss and find out your trading cost and other factors with this useful tool.

Currency Brokerage Calculator

Forex trading is made easier with this tool designed to calculate the necessary variables for currency trading. You can keep track of current foreign exchange rates for the currency pairs you are dealing in and do a lot more with this tool. It is important to remember that forex rates are very sensitive to any changes in economic, political or other factors which is why no trading is possible without being in touch with the latest trend in the currency market.

Commodity Brokerage Calculator

This innovative tool helps you keep up with the changes in commodity market movements and price changes to be able to trade efficiently. You can calculate useful factors like your break-even point on a trade and analyze price movements to decide whether to buy or sell your assets.