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We have designed our trading platforms with a number of user-friendly features to make it easy to understand and use for both novice and professional investors. In keeping with their individual needs, users can customize user interface to suit their requirements better.

To broaden our user base, we have launched Desktop, Web and Mobile versions of the trading software and incorporated latest market tools and features for the benefit of users. We have implemented advanced risk management systems (RMS) protocols to make it the perfect choice for our customers.

Desktop trading platforms


Our desktop platform is meant for seasoned traders and investors who know exactly what they need to achieve the desired results. Equipped with state-of-the-art trading tools and features, it is best suited for professionals.

The innovative user interface of this software can be personalized in terms of layout, fonts and even keyboard shortcuts to suit your individual needs. This application is designed with capabilities of stable performance even at high levels of data streaming. It is an (.exe) based application which helps set up desktop version of the trading platform.




Our web platform allows for faster and easier trading with your choice of web browser from almost anywhere. It comes power-packed with a selection of features to allow for faster real-time access to market indices. Gain access to NSE, BSE, MCX and MCX-SX in a composite manner at the same time and decide your next move without any doubt. With all the necessary tools placed at your disposal through a highly efficient user interface, trading becomes easier than ever before.


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Web trading platforms
Mobile trading platforms


The mobile platform places all the information you need about latest trends and market movement at your fingertips. To ensure a higher level of security, a two-factor authentication is built into it and works smoothly across all major mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone. It can be effortlessly integrated with desktop and web versions of the platform to increase ease of access and efficiency in terms of trading.

  • Android Trading Application
  • Apple Trading Application
  • Window Trading Application
  • Blackberry Trading Application


Users can access all the necessary information related to their trading account through a back-office login. This option allows secure access to your financial reports, net position and settlement bills to keep you updated on the activity in your account. You can also check out contract note and delivery related report to ensure your deals are in order. Back office platform allows you to go through all your account-related information in one place for your convenience.


Backoffice Login

Back office trading Plateforms