Prime Minister Modi Addresses Meeting of CEOs in Seoul

Prime Minister Modi Addresses Meeting of CEOs in Seoul

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses India - Republic of Korea CEO Forum in Seoul:

  • I have always been fascinated by Korea.
  • I have visited Korea when I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • I used to wonder how the country of the size of Gujarat can achieve so much.
  • Korea has given exemplary products to the world.
  • It has an impressive infrastructure record.
  • We want to achieve what Korea has already done. That's why we are here.
  • There is still a lot of scope for improvement.
  • Korea and India have so much in common.
  • Bollywood films are very popular in Korea.
  • Hundreds of Korean companies are operating in India. Your products are a household choice in India.
  • Hyundai is the second largest car manufacturer in India.
  • There is renewed commitment from my government to change the face of the country.
  • There is a lot we can do together.
  • There is great potential for cooperation between India's software and Korea's hardware industry.
  • Since my government has taken over, we are working day and night to create inclusive growth.
  • There is no time for incremental changes.
  • I am inviting you all to come to India and interact with our CEOs.
  • We are going to develop smart cities.
  • We are targeting the installation of 175 GW of renewable energy.
  • We are keen to modernise our railways.
  • We have opened 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment in railways.
  • We are focusing on upgrading our major airports and upgrading regional airports as well.
  • Our 'Make in India' initiative is aimed at converting India into a global manufacturing hub.
  • The 'Digital India' initiative is meant to foster cleaner and greener development.
  • We have launched the 'Clean India Campaign'.

PM, Modi Addresses Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul

  • If Asia must rise as one, Asia should no longer think of
  • Itself in regional fragments.
  • Asia should collectively combat terrorism.
  • We must work as Asians to reform the global institutions of governance, including the United Nations and its Security Council.

PM Narendra Modi address at the dinner banquet in South Korea

  • Nearly 2000 years ago, a princess from India's holy city of Ayodhya became queen Hur Hwang-ok here.    
  • Our great poet, Rabindranath Tagore, called Korea "the Lamp of the East".
  • If our history is of affection and admiration, our present and, even more, our future will be of a strong partnership.
  • Our destinies are linked with the future of Asia and the Pacific. We will prosper when the region is peaceful.
  • The visit to South Korea has just begun but it is already very productive. We agreed to review comprehensive economic partnership agreement. I welcome South Korea's diplomatic efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Korean peninsula. We have laid the foundation for a relationship that two major Asian countries with shared values should have: PM Modi
  • President Park & I see vast opportunities for Korean companies to participate in our 'Make in India' Mission. We will also establish a channel - Korea Plus - to facilitate their investment and operations in India: PM Modi
  • Republic of Korea is the second country with which India will have a diplomatic and security dialogue in a 2+2 format. I welcome the decision to have regular cooperation between our national security council’s: PM Modi
  • Our relationship started with a strong economic emphasis. But, it has also now become strategic in content. I am pleased that we have agreed to upgrade the bilateral relationship to 'Special Strategic Partnership: PM Modi