Narendra Modi’s Tour of Three Nation

Narendra Modi’s Tour of Three Nation

If there was any persistent doubt about PM Modi’s status in the middle of Indians overseas as a rock-star PM will likely be expelled when US President Obama praises Mr. Modi in Time Magazine article. In a sign of warm personal friendship, US President Barack Obama has written a profile for Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Time magazine as it named the Indian leader among the 100 most influential people in the world. In the profile titled 'India's reformer-in-chief', Obama has described Modi's life story "from poverty to Prime Minister" as one that reflects the dynamism and potential of India's rise.

PM Modi thanked Mr. Obama for writing a profile on him.

Here are some highlights of Modi’s France and Germany Tour:

Connecting India's economic progress to national "self-respect", Modi said on Monday night that the India has huge potential of becoming a manufacturing center and asked Indian professionals in Germany to act as a "bridge" between India and Germany.

"There is a huge demand of time that India becomes a manufacturing hub. If we lose this opportunity, we will regret later," Modi told NRIs while addressing a reception hosted in his honor.   

Addressing Indian professionals working in Berlin, Mr. Modi said they should show "enthusiasm" and "become a bridge between India and Germany to help realize our objective of making India a manufacturing hub. It will be a win-win situation for both the countries."

Modi's pitch for attracting foreign investors to boost up his 'Make In India' plan came at the inauguration of the Indo-German Business Summit at the Hannover Fair where he and Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the India Pavilion.

Modi told top German businessmen and industrialists not to go by "old perceptions" but to come to India and feel the change in the regulatory environment.

Making an extreme bid to woo German investors, Modi also promised to make "corrections wherever required" to make India a global manufacturing hub.

Modi said to cheers of the gathered audience that included top CEOs of companies from both the countries that "Make In India is a need. We are confident that our journey to make India a global manufacturing hub cannot be stopped that too by our own rules and regulations. We must and will make corrections wherever (they are) required".

Pledging a stable and transparent tax regime, Modi wooed global investors saying development is "not a mere political agenda" but an "article of faith" and sought international support to achieve the objectives crucial for growth.

"We have re-energized the Indian growth engine. The credibility of our economy has been restored. India is once again poised for speedy growth and development," Modi wrote in an op-ed article in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He also wrote "It is the only emerging economy where growth rate is rising. The prospects are even better".

PM Said, "My interactions with leaders of USA, Russia, France, Japan and China have all aimed at creating enduring partnerships with shared stakes in global development and well-being".