Modi's Make-In-India reached washington as Obama announced "Let's Walk Together"

Modi's Make-In-India reached washington as Obama announced "Let's Walk Together"

Prime Minister Narender Modi and US President Barak Obama announced that they had reached an agreement to break the deadlock that has been stopped a nuclear power agreement. Mr. Modi said at a joint press conference with Mr. Obama in the New Delhi, “I am pleased that six years after we signed our bilateral agreement, we are moving towards commercial cooperation, consistent with our laws & international legal obligations”. In 2008, India and U.S. signed a deal providing India access to civilian nuclear technology, but it has been delayed by US concerns over India’s strict laws on liability in the event of a nuclear accident.

Although, there was no immediate detail on how the deadlock had been broken, India has offered an insurance pool to repay the companies that make reactors against liability in the case of a nuclear accident.

Mr. Barak Obama said “today we achieved a breakthrough understanding on two issues that were holding up our ability to advance our civil nuclear cooperation and we are committed to moving towards full implementation. This is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship”.

Mr. Obama begins his speech with “Namaste” and said “I would like to say, ‘Chalein Saath Saath’ (Let’s walk together) while addressing the media after he held summit level talks with PM Narendra Modi. He also said that, India and US had made progress on both issues holding up commercial civil nuclear cooperation, one of the biggest headaches in bilateral ties.

US ambassador told the media that the agreement resolved the issues over the liability of suppliers in India in the event of a nuclear accident and US demands for tracking the location of material supplied to the India.

The US and India also signed a Defense Strategic Framework, which includes all the aspects of defense cooperation, including the Defense Trade Technology Initiative under which they could re-produce four Pathfinder Projects, study cooperation on aircraft carriers and jet engine technology and committed to upgrading joint military and naval exercises.

On 26th Jan, Mr. Obama and Mr. Narendra Modi were addressing a meeting of the US-India Business Council that was attended by the top business leaders of India and US. Mr. Obama also said that US is always ready to help India grow by working with it in the development of infrastructure like roads, railways, ports, and clean energy power plants. He also announced $4 billion investment in India, including $1 billion for financing exports from US to help Make-In-India program and the similar amount for small and medium organizations and $2 billion in renewable energy projects.

Mr. Modi and Mr. Obama held huge discussions on increasing cooperation in some important areas of defense, such as trade and commerce and climate change after the lunch at Hyderabad House. After the official discussions, both leaders went for a short walk in the beautiful gardens of there.